Punjab Minister Anil Joshi inaugurated India’s largest tricolour on the tallest flag post recently. It measures 110 metres in length, 24 metres in width and 55 tons in weight. Built at an approximate cost of ₹3.50 crore, the post was a project of the Amritsar Improvement Trust Authority of the Punjab Government.


When it was put up earlier this year, it was seen as a symbol of Indian pride. The flag pole was in the news not only because of its height but also because the flag could seen from Pakistan also.


Now since strong winds have damaged the flag, it had to be taken down and is a disappointing sight for visitors.


According to an official quote given to BBC Hindi, Suresh Mahajan, the chairman of the Amritsar Improvement Trust, which is responsible for maintaining the flag, said that the situation amounted to a "crime".


"The national flag is our pride and I request the government to call an inquiry over the issue and those responsible should be punished," he is known to have said.


Reports say that advice against putting the tallest flag there had been given looking at how other such installations in India fared.


In Hyderabad, an 88m flag installed near the Hussainsagar Lake also keeps tearing because of strong winds. In Delhi itself, the 63m tricolour that flies happily in Connaught Place, tore 11 times in May and June last year.