Bengaluru: CBI officials who conducted raids in the early morning on Monday at the house and office premises of DK Shivakumar reportedly found Rs 57 lakh from him and his associates.

As per reports, the officials found Rs 57 lakh in cash, some papers and also seized a computer hard drive

The CBI also raided the house of his close aide, Sachin Narayan in Hassan and found Rs 48 lakh from his house and Rs 2 lakh from another associate in Bengaluru, Rs 3.5 lakh from DK Shivakumar's office premises. The CBI conducted raids at 14 places yesterday

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The officials also raided his brother DK Suresh's Delhi home and found some cash.

If the leader fails to give a satisfactory reply to officials, then he may be arrested and jailed after being subjected to extreme grilling by CBI officials.

Officials have taken up the case under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sources say that more raids may follow.