Former CM Siddaramaiah came to rescue of Muslim leader BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan, whose name was dragged into the drugs controversy by activist Prashanth Sambargi. He asked his adversaries to submit evidence of their allegations.

Zameer was accused of transacting money through hawala channels and helping drug accused Fazil on TV, along with gambling.

Opposition leader and former CM Siddaramaiah, speaking to reporters at Hubbali said, “If the probing agency finds any evidence of the involvement of MLA Zameer Ahmed in the drugs case, he should be punished. He may be hanged, and his property seized”.

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“Let those who are accusing the MLA produce evidence. It is not right to try to finish a person politically in the name of them being part of a drug mafia. It is not possible to launch a probe on each and every allegation made by businessman Prashanth Sambargi. If the probing agency finds any evidence, Zameer should be hanged ant his assets seized," the former CM was quoted as saying.

Zameer also filed a complaint against Sambargi of defaming him and stated that Sambargi has ulterior motives.