Madurai: Tamil Nadu Food Department (TNFD) officials conducted surprise raids at a large number of general provision stores to curb the menace of adulterated edible oil in K Pudur area of Madurai on Thursday.

Over a thousand shops were raided, from where a large amount of collected samples was found adulterated.

Speaking to ANI TNFD official, Somasundaram said: "We are conducting this raid to find out adulterated edible oils. Many shops have been found to be selling adulterated food products. Since 2011, sale of loose oil has been banned in the market, in spite of that many of the shops were found doing so."

"There has to be awareness among shopkeepers and people about the hazards of adulterated oils. In Madurai, over 2000 litres of oil is sold every day out of which large quantity is adultered which is very hazardous for consumers health. Hence we are conducting raids and taking strict action to stop the practice", he added.