Chennai: A post doing the rounds on social media platforms states that an event organised by Sadhguru in Tamil Nadu spread coronavirus. The post also says that 150 foreigners attended the event which led to over 1,000 coronavirus cases in the state.

Who first posted the post:

Facebook page "People's Voice" shared a photo of Sadhguru at an event, along with the caption, "150 foreigners attended Sadhguru's event in March. Now all are under quarantine at Isha yoga foundation. 1000+ cases confirmed in TN, but media is only after Tablighi Jamat. This exposes Govt & media's Islamophobia!"

The claim is false:

According to India Today, the last event organised by Isha Foundation was on February 21 on the occasion of Mahashivratri. Though a number of foreigners participated in the event, no one at Isha Yoga Center was found with Covid-19 symptoms.

The viral post was published in 2019:

This picture of Sadhguru was used in the Isha Foundation website on January 22, 2019.