The Forum for Durgotsav Committee in Kolkata filed a review petition on Tuesday (October 20) against the Calcutta High Court order declaring pandals “no-entry zones” for visitors. The High Court will hear its request tomorrow (October 21).

On Monday (October 19), the High Court said only organisers would be allowed inside pandals; 25 for bigger Pujas and 15 for the smaller ones. The names of the organisers would have to be put up on a display board daily and could not be changed.

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The court also asked organisers to put up barricades outside pandals -- five meters from the entrance for smaller celebrations and double that for the bigger ones.

The Durgotsav Forum had expressed shock at the order.

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After the judgment, Durgotsav Forum head Saswat Bose said, “My first reaction is huge disappointment. What about economic losses? Huge expenses have already been incurred. The puja we do is not a matter of loss or gain. We do puja from a passion. We are shocked. Let’s see what happens.”

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also held a meeting with the administration, after the court’s ruling, to decide the next step.