The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) under the Ministry of Home Affairs has released the 2019 Crime Record of the entire country. The data of West Bengal was not present in the report. Therefore, the previous year’s (2018) information was provided in the report. However, the state administration claimed that all the information was sent to Delhi by July 31, but it was not recorded.

As a result, West Bengal has practically been left out of the picture of crime in the country. According to a part of the publication, the law and order situation in the state has improved compared to 2018. Incidentally, a month ago, the NCRB released a comprehensive report of accidents and suicides in the country in 2019. It contained information of West Bengal.

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According to the state administration, the NCRB received the information and called for some explanations. The explanation was sent on August 7, 2020. A top police official claimed that the state police directorate was involved in this matter.

According to sources, the District Crime Records Bureau (DCRB) collected the details of crimes at the police station level. Generally, the data collected throughout the year reaches the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) between the month of March and April. From there the information goes to the NCRB. This year (2020), the transfer of information was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The information was sent in July. As a result, the NCRB had until September to analyse the data.

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However, a source claimed that the date for sending the detailed information of the crime was fixed for June 30 this year (2020). Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the date was extended by another 10 days. Allegedly, the state did not send the database. Although multiple state police officials said the NCRB had enough time to review and disclose the information after it was sent. But they did not do that. Therefore, the data of West Bengal was not present in the records.