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Coready to help by nudging you to follow social distancing norms

 The Coready mobile app helps protect people by nudging users to follow social distancing and notifies them of risk on their phones. Whenever you step outside with the Coready app installed on your phone, it will nudge you if you come within 1.5 metres of a person who has the app installed


Coready to help by nudging you to follow social distancing norms
Bengaluru, First Published May 6, 2020, 8:00 PM IST

Bengaluru: Though lockdown measures are slowly eased and life limps back to normalcy, people still fear getting out of their houses.

To allay these fears but yet help you be alert, a new application has been developed which can record details of the person you have been in contact with within the last 14 days. The app gives you warnings so that you follow social distancing.

If someone has tested positive for coronavirus and has come in direct or vicarious contact, you will be notified about the same, so that you can take appropriate measures.

The application works automatically, meaning the application will run in the background and keep you updated.

This feature is very useful when you step out of your home to purchase essentials like groceries or medical supplies, by ensuring you maintain a 1.5-meter distance from anybody.

The two key aspects to this app are:

Social distancing

Coready has a special feature of alerting you in the form of vibration when you come closer than 1.5 meters of any person who has the Coready app installed. You will be automatically reminded that you should maintain distance.

Developers of the app also plan to integrate notifications from 3rd party app users like Aarogya Setu.

Safezone alert:

Coready will automatically give you an alert or notification that you are near a high-risk, or potential coronavirus positive person and that you need to take special care. The safe zone alert is based on whether you have come near a person who has contracted the virus or have come in contact with a person who has tested COVID-19 positive, in the past 14 days.

Coready does not provide a guarantee that the other person has or will have coronavirus. Calculations on probability based on latest statistical and AI algorithms gives you the result on the app.

Developers say that unlike any other contact tracing application, Coready does not infringe on users' privacy, which means that the app does not store/collect any personal information or GPS data of any users that can compromise the privacy rights of users in any way. Coready stores a unique encrypted ID that is used to process all other queries. For example, Coready never allows users to find out who you are, or whom you have met, or where you are. 

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