Vijayawada: CPM  members protested in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh over the economic decisions delivered by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. During the protest, several CPM leaders were arrested by the police. The arrested leaders are identified as P Madhu and Babu Rao.

The protest intensified after the police denied protesters permission to conduct a dharna in the heart of the city, Benz Circle. Party members also alleged that the Centre was robbing the common man for the benefit of big industrialists and multi-national corporations. 

They also alleged that new policies of the NDA government resulted in lakhs of industries closing down and farmers not receiving a remunerative price, and working-class being denied their minimum wages. 

Criticising the CPM, Tom Vadakkan from the BJP told Newsable that "It's not right to judge the economic state because it is still work in progress and there will be ups and downs in the economy." He added, "People with a little sense would not protest on the streets and disturb the citizens, but rather contact the concerned people and have a chat regarding the issue. 

He also slammed the opposition and said "While the arrested former finance minister P Chidambaram was in power, there was an economic slowdown, but no one raised a voice against them. And now for tiny issues, people get angry and protest on the streets."