Sasaram (Bihar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his first election rally for the current election season in Bihar, beginning with tributes for the late Ram Vilas Paswan and Raghuvansh Prasad.

Speaking to supporters in Sasaram, Modi said the Covid-19 pandemic would have been much worse in Bihar had chief minister Nitish Kumar not taken strong steps.

"If Bihar had not acted fast, the pandemic would have killed many, many more. It would have been unimaginable mayhem. But today Bihar, having battled Covid, is now celebrating the festival of democracy," he said at a joint rally in Sasaram with Kumar.

·         Even before polls people of Bihar gave their message, all surveys show NDA government will retain power in the state. Some people are trying to spread rumours to suggest that some new power is emerging, but people of Bihar are not going to be fooled.

·         Voters of Bihar have taken a resolve that they won't let those who have a history of making the state 'Bimaru' come near them.

·         The people who once ruled Bihar are again looking at the developing state with their greedy eyes. But, Bihar must not forget who pushed them backward, that was the time when there was worsening law & order situation and corruption in the state.

·         The NDA government abrogated Article 370. These people (opposition parties) say they will bring it back if they come to power. After making such statements they dare to ask for votes from Bihar? Is this not an insult of Bihar? The state which sends its sons and daughters to the borders to protect the country?

·         The NDA government has given priority to the poor in the time of coronavirus. At a place where the poor's ration was looted inside the shops, we are delivering ration to their homes. Where the money meant for the poor went into corruption, this government was able to organise free food for families in the middle of the pandemic.

·         Mandi and MSP are excuses, actually to save the brokers and middlemen. Before the Lok Sabha elections, when the work of giving money directly to the bank account of the farmers started, what confusion did they spread. When Rafale planes were bought, they were still speaking the language of middlemen and touts.

·         NDA government under Nitish Kumar in Bihar is necessary to strengthen resolve of ''Aatmanirbhar Bharat'

·         Sons of Bihar lost their lives in Galwan Valley for the tricolour and ensured Bharat Mata's head is held high. Jawans of Bihar were also martyred in Pulwama attack. I bow my head at their feet and pay respects.

·         Bihar lost its two sons recently. I pay my respects to Ram Vilas Paswan Ji, who was with me till his last breath and gave his entire life for the welfare of the poor and Dalits. Similarly, Babu Raghuvansh Prasad Singh ji also worked for the poor. I pay my respect him.

·         After becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, I only got 3-4 years to work for the development of Bihar. Before this, Bihar's entire time was lost dealing with the UPA government at the centre.