New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah exuded confidence that the ruling NDA in Bihar will retain power with two-thirds majority and that Nitish Kumar will be the chief minister.

“We will win with a two-third majority and Nitish Kumar will be our chief minister… Results will be very good,” Shah told Zee News in an interview telecasted on Monday.

Criticising the Opposition, Shah said, “On one hand, there are blank promises and frightening backgrounds; on the other hand, there is concrete work, which has been done in the past, and a robust strategy for future.

“I think the people of Bihar would like the concrete work done by the NDA government. Therefore, we will win the Bihar election with a very good majority,” he said.

Shah said that people of Bihar will certainly compare the 10 years of Congress rule, 15 years of Lalu Prasad and 15 years of Nitish Kumar. “25 years of rule — 10 years under Congress and 15 years under RJD — has ruined Bihar,” he said.

Putting an end to rumours about strife between the two coalition partners, Shah said the decision on who would lead the NDA in the 2020 Assembly polls was taken way back when the BJP entered into an alliance with the JD(U).

The comments come at a time when the NDA's partner at the Centre, the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), which is not part of the NDA's Bihar alliance, has virtually declared war against the JD(U) by deciding to field 143 candidates against its nominees.

Shah also said the Modi wave is alive and present throughout the country and that both alliance partners will benefit from it equally.

"The Modi wave in Bihar will help not just us, but JD(U) as well. JD(U) being our alliance partner... the number of seats that the Modi factor will help the BJP win, it will help the JD(U) win also. The BJP and JD(U) are fighting almost the same number of seats... But I can tell you with confidence that the next CM of Bihar will be Nitish Kumar," he said.