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Bengaluru's bother: The predicament of Vidyarthi Bhavan masala dosa in a parcel

The lockdown posed many questions in the minds of Vidyarthi Bhavan loyalists in Bengaluru. The tough question was, would the parcelled dosa keep with the reputation of the establishment?

Bengalurus bother The predicament of Vidyarthi Bhavan masala dosa in a parcel
Bengaluru, First Published Apr 30, 2020, 5:38 PM IST
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It was a moment which many die-hard Bengalureans were waiting and, many of us, hallucinating for. After a wait for more than a month, came an update which excited many.

Rapid repeated forwards, shares and plans on how to make the best of this opportunity were discussed and detailed plans were drawn out.

South Bengaluru’s favourite masala dosa joint since 1940s, the famous Vidyarthi Bhavan was opening up during lockdown and was going to offer parcel service (somehow the word take-away just does not fit this context like a McDonald) from its outlet situated at the quaint marketplace of Gandhi Bazaar.

For the experts of masala dosa of Bengaluru and who have extensive debates on which is the best masala dosa and how exactly it is to be relished, this was a situation which was a predicament.

From family tales when our fathers would explain in detail how in their college days, they used to share one dosa from Vidyarthi Bhavan between three college friends (usually referred as 1by3) and debates they had on how best to divide that mouth-watering, butter-dripping dosa and who will get the majority of the potato-onion spicy masala filling which comes inside the brown crispy masala dosa, to the tales from visiting sisters and relatives from the US who make it a point to taste the dosa, we Bengalureans have heard it all and take pride in joining in the discussion over 1by2 coffee.

The more recent predicament was, of course, how best to preserve the crispiness of the dosa in the parcel? Should we try out the parcel box given by Vidyarthi Bhavan? Or should we take our own boxes to preserve the delicate fold of the dosa? Will it stay crisp till it reaches our homes? Will it get soggy? Should we figure out a friend’s place nearby to have the dosa in the parcel at the earliest? Or should we return home and heat the dosa? Should we microwave it? Will the taste diminish? Should we heat it on a regular stove? Will the crispiness take a hit?

Questions, questions and more questions?

With all these questions lingering, just like that lingering taste of butter which comes with a Vidyarthi Bhavan masala dosa, dosa lovers started booking parcel slots and then patiently waited in earmarked boxes in front of the famous hotel.

After the customary temperature check and ensuring that masks were on, as we stood in the winding queue, and as one reached the altar of Vidyarthi Bhavan, the wafting aroma of the masala dosa increased the excitement. People who had scaled the summit earlier had a gleeful smile as they briskly walked away with their trophies hurriedly to savour the delight.

After having had the parcel dosa at the earliest best possible time at home, the charm of having that delightful snack at the small cramped table inside the hotel, with the hotel team walking around and serving the delightful chutney which caresses the dosa edges, and tasting the dripping butter is a whole different experience in itself.

Well, in situations which we are currently in, should we accept something is better than nothing?

More questions indeed… and personally I would suggest please do stay home safe and wait for a table after the lockdown ends and have that brilliant snack with all the bells and whistles of aroma wafting to your table.

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