Bengaluru: On Tuesday, the BBMP had stated that it was compulsory for solo motorists to wear masks inside their cars or any kind of four-wheelers.

However, Karnataka Health and Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar clarified on Wednesday to Asianet Kannada that it is not necessary for solo motorists to wear masks inside a car and would address the issue to the BBMP Commissioner.

The minister urged that solo motorists in two-wheelers must continue to wear the masks as they are not inside a closed environment like a car, and a few motorists on two-wheelers tend to spit on the road.

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Many residents in the city were furious over BBMP marshals penalising them for not wearing masks inside their cars.

K Sudhakar’s announcement has come as a sigh of relief for many and hope that the BBMP implies the rules at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Munish Moudgil, Secretary of Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms has set a target to achieve every day for BBMP marshals in the south zone.

BBMP officials, on the other hand, said that setting such targets was highly unrealistic.