Protests have become an integral part of India. From roads to recruitments to national issues, people stage protests day in and day out. Though it can be noted that only a handful of protests out of hundreds of stirs organised yield benefits.

Thus protesters use new tactics to pull people's and administration's attention. Here are examples of five such protests which took the people aback, but however were not successful in melting the hearts of the administrators.

1) Dead snakes, rats skulls and bare body

Farmers of Tamil Nadu under the leadership of advocate Ayya Kannu staged a protest for months in Tamil Nadu as well as in New Delhi.  Bare-bodied farmers covered just with a piece of green clothing were seen protesting with dead snakes, rats in their mouth, sitting with skulls. Ayya Kannu and farmers even went naked outside the PM's office in New Delhi.

They were demanding for waiving off of loans, drought relief packages and formation of a Cauvery Water Management Board to resolve their irrigation issues. Recently, Ayyakannu even distributed pamphlets to people visiting the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, with a request to pray to give good sense to the Prime Minister.

But these protests have attracted people's sympathy but has not borne any results so far.

2) Pink Chaddis couriered

Sri Ram Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik had stated that if their boys found any couple in the city, will be married off instantly. The Sene boys roamed with thalis (mangal sutra) in their hand and threatened any couple they spotted. Thus, in protest against Pramod Muthalik's statements of keeping the women inside and safe, 500 pink ladies chaddis were couriered to his office. Chaddis poured into the Sene office from all over India. The campaign was a success as Pramod Muthalik was forced to withdraw his statement.

3) Domestic animals and Rajyotsava award

Vatal Nagaraj, the man, known for unique protests in Karnataka is all set to announce his new party, tentatively named as Karnataka Praja Samyukta Ranga. Once, staging a protest against irregularities and nepotism in selecting people for the Rajyotsava award, he honoured donkeys, dogs, buffaloes, cows and oxen and said that were more loyal than human beings, hard-working, disciplined and obedient, and added that no applications invited, no applications received. Vatal even sat on a donkey and tried to drive it on occasion. He has used pots, brooms, slippers, vegetables, burqas, bullocks, chariots as properties for his protests. So far, it is said that he has organised at least 10,000 protests.

4) MP wearing saree later turns a schoolboy

Telugu Desam Party's MP Sivaprasad wore a saree, demanding for a Special Status for Andhra Pradesh state. Though the TDP has pulled out of NDA, the separate state status has not been allotted to Andhra Pradesh. Continuing the trend on the same demand, the next day he came out dressed as a school-boy and was seen wearing shorts, carrying a ruler, pencil and a notebook. The Chittoor MP alleged that Prime Minister Modi was the ‘bad boy of the class’. 

5) Rape comments? Men wear skirts!

Following the statements and comments that women should dress up modestly and Tourism Minister's comment that foreigners should not wear a skirt and roam alone invited the wrath of people. A group of men sported short skirts and staged a protest against the Minister's comments.