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iPhone 6 becomes obsolete, iPad Mini as vintage; What happens when Apple gadget is added to this list?

Apple has classified iPhone 6 as obsolete and iPad Mini as vintage. Obsolete iPhones, like iPhone 6, will no longer receive support or repairs from Apple. Vintage products like iPad Mini can still get repairs, but finding the right parts may become more challenging over time.

iPhone 6 becomes obsolete, iPad Mini as vintage; What happens when Apple gadget is added to this list? gcw
First Published Apr 2, 2024, 2:02 PM IST

Apple just updated its list of discontinued goods. The iPad Mini and iPhone 6 are now referred to as "vintage." This indicates that although they are growing older, they are still relevant. The iPhone 6 is currently regarded as "obsolete" worldwide. That means if something goes wrong with it, you can't get it fixed at Apple Stores or authorized service centers anymore. This happens when seven years have passed since Apple last sold the device. 

The iPhone 6 Plus, its larger sister, was discontinued from sale in 2016.The fourth-generation iPad Mini is now referred to as "vintage." This happens when more than five years have gone by since it was last sold. Vintage products can still get repairs, but it might become harder to find the right parts over time.

If your Apple iPhone is out of date, it indicates that Apple no longer offers repairs or support for that specific model. Services for both software and hardware are included in this. In other words, you won't be able to take your outdated iPhone to an Apple Store or an approved service provider to get it serviced if it breaks down or has any problems.

When Apple declares a product to be outdated, it usually indicates that the gadget hasn't been sold by the firm for a long time. It generally happens seven years after the iPhone was last made available for purchase. For instance, the September 2016 discontinuation of the iPhone 6 Plus makes it outdated as of 2024.

Thus, you will need to look into other choices for repair or replacement if you are still using an outdated iPhone and it has any issues. This might entail looking for independent repair services, buying replacement components and trying a do-it-yourself fix, or thinking about switching to a newer iPhone model. Therefore, it's generally recommended to upgrade to a newer iPhone model to ensure you have access to the latest features, performance improvements, and security updates.

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