Jon Prosser, in a YouTube video, mentioned that the smartwatch has been manufacturing under the codename 'Rohan' and that the product is not far from its release.

He also revealed the first look of the watch. It will come with a round dial featuring bands upto 20 different shades, including Orange, Blue and more. He gave a hint that the smartwatch will be out in October 2021, along with Pixel 6.

Google's Pixel 5A 5G will be launched in the US and Japan and currently not in other places. Jon mentioned in a tweet that Google has cancelled Pixel 5A because of the crisis of a chipset.

But later, Google announced in 9to5Google, that they would release the smartphone but not everywhere, only in the US and Japan, later this year.

Now, let's wait for the official announcement to arrive.


Picture Courtesy: Jon Prosser