Keralites all around the world are discussing Dileep's return to Association of Malayalam Movie Artists. Most of the Malayalam celebrities in the film industry is showing a positive sign for Dileep's second arrival in AMMA. Will this create a collapse in AMMA? 

The Women in Cinema Collective (WCC), an association of women artists from the Malayalam film industry, has lashed out at AMMA for taking back actor Dileep into its fold.

Members of the women's organisation Sajitha Madathil, Deedi Damodaran and Rama Kallingal openly expressed their opinion against Amma's new decision

Sajitha Madathil revealed to the Asianet News that she is not afraid of her survival in AMMA. But many others in the organisation are scared of the situation. So they are against of taking back Dileep into AMMA but many are supporting the case. 

Sajitha Madathil also said that the members should think twice about taking Dileep back. Most women in the women's organisation have criticised her statements.

Didi Damodaran, scriptwriter and member of the women's association, said the decision to release Dileep from jail was shocking for her. Dileep's fans went to visit him in prison to see him. These things are making her more confused whether Dileep is truly a criminal.

Actress Rima Kallingal said she is not interested in staying in AMMA. In an interview with a popular channel, she questioned how an organisation could take back a person who was in jail for three months and a person who was denied bail twice as well.

Most of the filmmakers are supporting Dileep's comeback. There is an argument that Dileep was not expelled from AMMA as per the law.