Including Anushka Sharma, a number of actresses have chosen to come out in the open about their relationships only when their wedding bells ring. Since they are always in the limelight, whatever the actresses do becomes  news. And here is a new action of theirs that is grabbing headlines. The recently-married actresses including Samantha, Sonam Kapoor and Neha Dhupia have started this trend, which has left the jaws of the audience dropping.

So, are we drawing a similarity between the photos shared by actresses a day or two after their marriage? You will surely be surprised when you look at them closely.

We are talking about the bikini photo trend. Yes, Sonam Kapoor wore a flowery bikini after the wedding. Samantha was seen in a maroon bikini resting on the swing. Though Kareena was not seen in bikini after the wedding, her current pictures of a black dress is the first such picture coming out of actress's picture galleries after her marriage to Saif Ali Khan.

Neha Dhupia, who got married just a day after Sonam Kapoor's wedding, posed for Maxim magazine in a sexy bikini dress.

So, tying the knot has not made any difference in these actors' lives. They are active in films and are enjoying the same life as they did before marriage and it is really encouraging.