Bengaluru: Vijayalakshmi, wife of Kurukshetra actor Darshan is in news for removing Challenging Star's name from her Twitter handle.

The star couple of the Kannada film industry Vijayalakshmi and Darshan has been living in separate houses for quite a long time. There were also rumours that Sandalwood actor Darshan had recently attacked wife Vijayalakshmi after the release of his much-awaited movie Kurukshetra (release date:  August 9).

But this was brushed aside as rumour by Vijayalakshmi herself, as she tweeted on August 11 stating, "All the rumours doing the rounds are baseless...."

But her action changing her name from Vijayalakshmi Darshan to just Vijayalakshmi on Twitter has given wings to speculations that all is not well between them.

In 2011, Vijayalakshmi had filed a case against her husband after being assaulted by Darshan. In her complaint, Vijayalakshmi had said that Darshan had hit her with the butt of his licensed revolver and threatened to shoot her. She was treated at Gayathri Hospital in Vijayanagar, Bengaluru.

The doctor had confirmed that Darshan was under the influence of alcohol.

Currently, Vijayalakshmi resides with her mother and son at Prestige Apartment at Hosakerehalli and Darshan stays at Rajarajeshwari Nagar residence.

The actor visited his wife and son during festivals and took part in the religious activities at the house. Even on August 9, on the occasion of Varamahalakshmi festival, Darshan took part in the puja and Vijayalakshmi had shared a photo on social media.

The question remains, if there was no problem between the couple, why did Vijayalakshmi remove Darshan from her name on social media? Neither Vijayalakshmi nor Darshan  have commented on the same.