Bengaluru: Two men fought over actress Ragini Dwivedi at a five-star hotel in Bengaluru last night (March 16) at around 11 PM.

A complaint was filed in the Ashok Nagar police station against Ragini's rumoured boyfriend, real estate businessman Shivaprakash. Complaint by transport superintendent BK Ravishaknar claimed that Shivaprakash had assaulted and injured him.

Shivaprakash has been booked under IPC sections 506 (life threatening), 504 (assault). An FIR has been filed at the Ashok Nagar police station and the issue is being investigated, Bengaluru central division DCP D Devaraj told Kannada Prabha.

Ravishankar was having dinner with Ragini and other friends at the hotel when Shivaprakash is said to have barged in around 11.45 PM and started fighting with Ravishankar. Shivaprakash reportedly questioned Ravishankar on his acquaintance with Ragini.

In the complaint copy, Ravishankar said, "Me and Ragini had been for dinner along with friends. Shivaprakash came to me around 11.45 PM and started fighting. Why have you come with Ragini, he asked me and started abusing me. He hit me with a beer bottle and punched me on the face."

At this point, my friends protected me from him. Shivaprakash also threatened to take my life. Thus my life is under danger. Shivaprakash should be booked legally and action should be taken against him," he added.

Meanwhile, reports claimed that Shivaprakash had a problem with Ragini getting close to Ravishankar. "I am friends with Ragini from 10 years. Recently, Ravishankar had come in between me and Ragini. I have gifted her many valuable things including a car. But Ragini started neglecting me after she became close to Ravishankar."

Reports also said that Shivaprakash has been asked to file his statement with the police.

Shivaprakash was rumoured to be Ragini's boyfriend and both were seen together partying on a number of occasions.