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Trevor Noah JOKES on Bengaluru's cancelled show, says ‘never prepared for show with dogs in cages backstage'

Comedian Trevor Noah roasted Bengaluru’s cancelled show, says,‘The Room Wasn’t For Human Beings'. He also said "it was ‘technically a building’, but the room where he was supposed to perform looked like a ‘semi-permanent tent and wasn’t for human beings."

Trevor Noah JOKES on Bengaluru  cancelled show says never prepared for a show with dogs in cages backstage and more
First Published Oct 3, 2023, 8:15 AM IST

South African comedian Trevor Noah was supposed to perform in Bengaluru on September 27 and 28 when his shows were cancelled at the last moment due to ‘technical issues’. Now, his ordeal in Bengaluru seems to have supplied fresh content for the artist, who trolled the arrangements at the venue during his show held in Mumbai on September 30.

The Emmy-winning comedian has now made fun of Bengaluru and even complained about the arrangements. He said that the backstage area of the Manpho Conventional Centre in Manyata Tech Park (where he was due to perform) was ‘full of dogs’. Noah went on to add that the event space was not intended for humans.

He said during his Mumbai show, “Now, usually when I go to do a show backstage what happens is there will be like an entrance that you walk into and then you’re in the venue and then you emerge into a backstage area before you come and perform. Here (in the Bengaluru venue), we walk through an alley that was full of dogs — half of which were in cages… I’ve never prepared for a show where the backstage area is dogs in cages.” 

Trevor Noah continued, “Then we get to this ‘venue.’ The room was essentially like a semi-permanent tent and then everyone was seated in the room with no screens and there were giant air-conditioners outside which were blowing hot air.”

“They tried to turn the sound up so that you can hear what is happening. But, because the room wasn’t designed for human beings, what happens is the sound waves are now just bouncing around the room in every direction,” he added.

Trevor Noah even complained about Bengaluru’s traffic and ended by saying, “We are driving to go to the venue. After about an hour and a half of driving, I was like, where are we going? The driver and everyone in the car was like this is the way we are supposed to go.”

Trevor Noah, the comedian and TV programme presenter, was scheduled to play in Bengaluru on September 27 and 28 as part of his Off The Record Tour. However, the performances were cancelled at the last minute due to "technical issues."

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw responded to the video on X, writing, “Bangalore’s shambolic state has provided enough content for Trevor Noah’s future shows. If this does not wake up the administration then we have nothing left to hope for.”


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