Since two weeks, we are reading and discussing the casting couch controversy that shook the Telugu film industry with the shocking revelations by actress Sri Reddy.

Post that many actresses came out in the open and spoke about their experiences of sexual exploitation.

Last weekend, 15 women junior artistes held a press meet gave shocking details about the way they were being subjected to harassment in the film industry.

One of the actresses named Raga Shruti claimed power star Pawan Kalyan amassed money illegally to buy a land in Amaravathi and also accused that he gets Bengali women to get massages done. However, later she apologised saying, "I'm tendering an apology to Pawan Kalyan garu and his fans for bad opinions about the actor. I've no personal grudge against him. I shouldn't have made such personal allegations. I'm sorry".  

Now another actress named Sandhya Naidu, who has been in the industry for long also has come out in open and said, "From 18 years I am acting in films. Now I usually get roles of a sister or a mother. They who call me 'Amma' (mother) in film set and ask me to share bed with them during the night. After WhatsApp became popular, they force me to chat in the night." 

She also said, “We have to change clothes outdoors behind a saree or a building. We are treated like worms."

The main objective of the press meet was to demand that the exploitation should end and that Tollywood should be made a woman-friendly place putting an end to the populist practices against women working in the field.