The health condition of veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee remained critical but stable on Wednesday (November 4) as he continued to be on ventilator support and his haemoglobin and platelet counts remained on the lower side.

Though Soumitra Chatterjee's haemoglobin count remains on the lower side, the team of doctors treating him isn't worried. They believe that the low haemoglobin and platelet count is probably due to multiple transfusion and blood loss and that it is normal.

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Soumitra Chattrejee’s neurological condition also remained the same and he was not administered dialysis as his urea and creatinine levels have come down.

The nephrology review board today (November 5) will discuss about giving Soumitra Chatterjee longterm kidney support while the neuro board will deliberate on longterm air management.

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Though the secondary infection of the veteran actor is on the decline, the infectious disease review board will meet to discuss future medication on Soumitra Chatterjee.