Simbu’s father reveals reason for son’s breakup with Hansika Motwani

First Published 20, Sep 2017, 6:34 PM IST
Simbus father reveals reason for sons breakup with Hansika Motwani
  • South Indian film actors Hansika and Simbhu’s love affair would have turned into marriage
  • But suddenly news of their breakup hit the media with everyone wondering about the reason
  • Recently Simbhu’s father revealed the reason for their breakup

Two of the most famous film stars in South India, Tamil star Simbu and actress Hansika Motwani were madly in love for some time and with the permission of their respective parents were all set to join into matrimony.

When the audience were eagerly expecting the date of their wedding, news of their breakup hit the media shocking everyone.

Hansika said that she broke off with Simbu and considered it to be the greatest mistake of her life. She also said that she would never repeat the mistake again but she didn’t reveal the reason for their breakup.        

Recently Simbu’s father and famous director-producer T Rajender speaking about the issue said that Simbu loved Hansika. But he asked her not to act in films after marriage. Hansika didn’t like this and so separated from Simbu.

Rajender also said that Simbu is right now in the path of spirituality and placed his life in Rajender’s hands saying, “Do whatever you wish to do Dad.”