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Meet Shaadibaaz's producer Eram Aftab Faridi and know her journey

We had an opportunity for Eram Aftab Faridi, and talk about her journey and all the hurdles she faced to become a successful entrepreneur and producer.   

Meet Shaadibaaz's producer Eram Aftab Faridi and know her journey RBA
First Published Sep 16, 2022, 5:46 PM IST

Eram Aftab Faridi: a producer and Erams Entertainment Production House.  Eram is from Kanpur city, also known as Manchester of Business & famous for Leather, which is also her Family Business for the past 40 years. She has completed her schooling at Kumari Udyan Vidyalaya & completed her graduation.

After this, she went for her higher studies in Pune, Maharashtra, where she did her Management Studies in HR & Marketing. Since childhood, she has always had the talent and dedication to enter the film industry. In Kanpur, she was a part of dramas, shows, and acting classes, and she always gave outstanding performances in her life.

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Tell us about yourself and how this small-town girl became a producer and entrepreneur today?
Being a producer is not an easy task; I had to fight many hurdles. It was a roller coaster ride for me in real, had many ups and downs, but in the end, I stood firm. At times we don’t consistently achieve our dreams. It’s like there’s something else waiting for us on the bright side; it was always my dream to become an actress, but fate brought me into the film industry to become a producer. I have also been a leading actress in one of my films known as Shringar, but eventually, I landed up being a producer. It was a tough challenge, but I made it through. Today I am a very well-known producer. My hard work paid off, I thought deeply about what to choose for my life, like what is best for me, and my inner voice said: “Producer Eram Faridi it is”. I am from a decent city known as Kanpur; I stepped into Mumbai, the city of dreams, in 2016. I still remember the intention to come to Mumbai was to become an actress, but then I studied and learned about filmmaking and acting through experience and observations. That was the time when I decided to become a producer.

What made you start your production house, and where did you get this inspiration? 
Erams Entertainment, our production house, was not only my dream but one of my family friends Faizali Wagle nowadays is the Creative Producer of Erams Entertainment; it was his idea to start a production house. He was always there by my side, guiding and helping me like a shadow. As I already said, I was passionate about becoming a Producer and producing different films; I love challenges because, after all, that’s what we learn from, so after having proper knowledge and guidance about filmmaking, I decided to establish my own production house. My role model Mr Raj Kapoor, I always used to observe and look up to him as he has done a fabulous job producing films. There were also many other inspirations like Bonny Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, and many more who inspired me to fulfil my dream of becoming a producer. I feel I deserve this. I’m a queen in my own life; I have fought and overcome all my challenges in life and will always keep doing this to become a successful producer in history.

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Apart from producing films, are you also planning the acting? 
Yes, being an actress was always my dream, but it takes a lot to become a successful actress. We have produced many films like Shringar, Meet Mr Chang, and our upcoming movie  Fedora’s Wrinkles, and I have worked as a leading actress in Shringar, but I need to work more on myself, so I have decided to do so and then get back again. I love to perform challenging roles like emotional drama and much more, so I would love to serve in such dignitary roles once I’m ready. 

How do you manage movies along with your social work?  
All of the films produced by me have a social message behind them. Like Shringar, we had a statement about the struggles faced by women in their personal and social life. Then Meet Mr Chang was all about Racism, and our upcoming film Fedora’s Wrinkles, based on Karma get what we give, is the film's motto. All of our movies always have a social message behind them because I want that after watching our films, people should learn something from them and get inspired and aware of the situations happening around us. I am also coming up with a new project known as “Shaadibaaz”, a powerful social message for everyone to learn from. 

Being a women producer and small-town girl, have you received any compliments yet? 
Yes, being a small-town woman from Kanpur, I have faced a lot of challenges and problems, but on the other side, I have also been praised and complimented by others. Today, I see that my people and family from Kanpur are so proud of me, and I’m happy to know that I inspire many of them. My mom is my biggest fan and inspiration. She loves watching television, so she always keeps watching my interviews and enjoys watching them repeatedly.

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My mom has always been the backbone of my journey. She is the best friend, best mom, and the best inspiration I could ever ask for, and I am very grateful that she always has my back. My sister Amrin Faridi has been my shadow and guidance since the start of my journey. She knows all my struggles and challenges, never judges me for anything, and always supports me. Our company associate producer Mr Junned Shaiikh my brother, also helped me in every situation. So having such lovely people around you is a blessing because not everyone is lucky to have this. Only the one who has faced such challenges knows the exact value of it.

Any big films you plan to produce in the future along with prominent actors?
It was always my dream to work with the dignitary actor Mr Rajnikanth; I have always mentioned this in my previous interviews. As I have mentioned before about our upcoming project Shaadibaaz, the leading actor for the film is Mr Abhilash Chaudhary, a well-known actor from the “Dhahanam fame”, a film by Ram Gopal Verma. Shaadibaaz is a different concept in Bollywood which has never been seen before. I also wanted to work with Salmaan khan. It has also been on my wishlist for a very long time. I not only want to work with him in reel life but also in real life because his personality has always inspired me.

Please tell us about your plans.  
Talking about my plans so were are also coming up with a talking show known as “POW WOW WITH ERAMS”. It will be an authentic talk show with different and unique themes. The texture of the talk show is also a bit unusual, like the actors, producers, and directors who are far away from the limelight will be a part of this show. And as I have already mentioned about my upcoming film Shaadibaaz we will start working on it by the end of this year. Abhilash Chaudhary is the leading male actor, and the film director will be Mr Faizali Wagle. We have many other plans for the upcoming years.

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We are also coming up with a unique award known as the “Film Crews Award”, as Erams Entertainment believes in creativity. This is going to be something which has never happened before in Bollywood. So I want all of your blessings and prayers for Erams Entertainment so that we can achieve our goals and lead our way to success. I am a hardworking woman and believe in myself, so I know that something big is waiting for me, and I know all the blessings I will get from others will help Erams Entertainment to be successful.

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