After this huge media interest and public backlash regarding his life Dileep started opting out of public events, parties and promotional events. In a recent interview with Manorama Online, Dileep opened up about his personal, professional life and about the many controversies that nearly ruined his stardom.

When the interviewer asked Dileep about his ex-wife Manju Warrier and their past life, he said, "It's a closed chapter now. I got married to Manju in 1998; it was a sudden decision. Till 2013, everything was perfect I was a happy man, and also had a peaceful family life."

An emotional Dileep added, “I had submitted complete details of what ended the marriage and the grounds behind it to the family court on June 5, 2013.” 


He continued saying, "It was not a divorce petition, it was the story of my life." 

Dileep said, "In that petition, there are culprits involved in it, witnesses in it and even evidence. There are famous, and renowned personalities named in it and I hope the real side of them never comes out in society."

“I trusted many people, but I was betrayed. I always kept silence, thinking about them and for my daughter, her future. My first wife has moved ahead and led her life, in her terms and so do I. We both are going on in our ways,'' Dileep said



In the interview, Dileep states that he has absolutely no issues with Manju, and has no intentions to harm her in any way. He is also happy that his ex-wife is doing well in her career. However, unfortunately, a few people are still pitting Manju against him.
Dileep and Manju officially separated in January 2015 and ended their 16 year-old marriage. The couple's teenage daughter Meenakshi, is with Dileep.
On the professional front, Dileep was recently seen in Georgettan's Pooram which got a positive review from the critics. He is now busy with films, Prof. Dinkan, Ram Leela, Pickpocket and Kammara Sambhavam.