Actress Manju Warrier is on cloud nine and enjoying positive responses to her portrayal of Kamala Surayya in Kamal-directed biopic Aami from the audiences and critics.

Manju is the only actress in Kerala who has a fan association. She is such an actress who can portray mixed emotions in a single shot. 

For Manju picking up the movie, and playing the role of an acclaimed writer Kamala Surayya must have been a difficult decision as the writer's life was controversial over her bold writings, free thoughts and religious conversion by announcing that she is taking Lord Krishna with her. 


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But Manju says she decided to take the plunge blindly, trusting Kamal. She replaced Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. 

In an interview with DC, Manju said, “All I prayed was, none should feel that I spoilt the charm of the character and from the responses so far, I think, we could make it there."

She also added, "I also received a voice message from a woman who apologised for sharing negative comments on Facebook before the releasing of the movie. She said she never thought someone could do justice to the role, but after watching Aami, she felt remorse." 


Manju Warrier
She was also asked if she wants to make a biopic on your life, Manju said, "There are no such plans now, and I think no need, it's a small life."   

The lady superstar is all set to give some more movies this year. Currently, Manju is dubbing for the much-awaited Mohanlal, where she plays a fangirl. Later, she will join Team Odiyan with the Mohanlal.