Rating: 3 Stars

The much-awaited Laxmii that was originally titled as 'Laxmmi Bomb' has hit the OTT platforms in the country on Tuesday (November 9).

The horror-comedy directed by Raghava Lawrence that promises a heavy dose of horror and comedy does nothing but churns out meaningless jokes.

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Akshay Kumar portrays the role of a transgender, after his body is possessed by its soul, and is the only center of attraction in the whole film.

Akshay's transition from his original character (Asif) to a possessed character (Laxmii) is smooth and applaudable.

He managed to catch the lingo, attitude, and body language of a transgender like an effortless actor, and the song 'Bam Bhole' is a true testimony to that.

Akshay Kumar Fans Want to See Laxmmi Bomb in Theatres

Another surprising element in the film is Sharad Kelkar, who also portrays the character of the original Laxmii, also vowed the audience with his top-notch acting skills.

The film is exactly like 'Kanchana', if you are waiting for a twist or original scenes then the hunt might lead to no-where.

Akshay Kumar's 'Laxmmi Bomb' renamed to 'Laxmii'

The film has countable punchlines that may make you laugh, but apart from that, it is filled with boring jokes and mismatched comic timing.

Kiara Advani's presence in the film was unnoticeable, but it is the supporting characters of the film that added some spice to the entire drama.

Ayesha Raza Mishra, Rajesh Sharma, Manu Rishi Chadha, and not to forget Ashwini Kalsekar were perfect in their crafts.

After Controversy, Akshay's 'Laxmmi Bomb' Renamed to 'Laxmii'

The whole message of the film outshines the failed jokes and no-sense horror sequences.

It managed well to showcase the hardships and struggles of the life of a transgender in the country.

The struggles behind their acceptance in society, their dark life, and lack of education and job opportunities to them despite having the capability and capacity to learn and be achievers.

Ahead of trailer release, Akshay Kumar teases fans with new photo from 'Laxmmi  Bomb' featuring Kiara Advani

What worked in the film
If you are an Akshay Kumar fan you won't be disappointed. His acting is top-notch and engaging.

The supporting characters will keep you engaged with their skins

Sharad Kelkar is a hidden gem in the entire film.

Akshay Kumar who gets possessed by three souls in the film manages to pick the language and personality like a pro.

A possessed Akshay Kumar is a treat to watch and his fans will surely enjoy the craft.

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What did not work for the film

The songs might not make you groove even though it is offering Burj Khalifa. 

The fighting sequence in the end screams anything but 'unrealistic'.

If you are looking for some chills down your spine then the film might not give you any. But there are a few sequences that might scare you a little. 

Akshay Kumar on Laxmmi Bomb: My character has been handled wisely,  sensitively | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

As a final product it's a one-time watch, and must be hugely appreciated for the guts of the male characters Akshay and Sharad who essayed the role of a transgender in the film.

The Shiv Tandav by Akshay Kumar will give you chill as he blends into his on-screen character and will surely amaze you.  The film deserves a three-star rating for overall performances, storyline, and a strong message that is the hero of the film.