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Social Dance TV creator Kirill Korshikov enters the music scene

Kirill Korshikov has always had a taste for good music since childhood, even when studying in the dance academy, other pupils often asked him to choose an appropriate track for their dances.

Kirill Korshikov turns to music with new remix; DJ talks about new spin
Bangalore, First Published Jul 20, 2020, 8:58 PM IST
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Russian entrepreneur and social media influencer Kirill Korshikov tells how he became a DJ. Social dance videographer and creator of the Social Dance TV video channel, he first became acquainted with dance music in his early years, while practicing ballroom dancing as a kid. Dance and music go hand in hand and it's obvious that even the best dance number can be made even better by adding a fitting song or melody to it.

A few years later, competing in ballroom dance contests worldwide, Kirill began to compile a collection of his most favorite melodies, mostly composed of fiery Latin dance genres, such as cha-cha-cha, rumba and samba. While attending some of the tournaments, he got to know many well-known DJ's, sharing with them opinions on music and exchanging rare songs and rhythms. His music taste has been excellent since childhood, even when studying in the dance academy, other pupils often asked him to choose the appropriate track for this or that dance.

It's not surprising that with the passage of time Kirill's connection with music and his understanding of the essence of music's soul became even deeper. His collection grew larger, and once he got upon a very interesting melody while surfing the Internet. The track quickly caught his attention, being very catchy and energetic. It turned out to be "Betece" by "Africando", a salsa melody, released the same year as the memorable "Salsa" dance movie. Delighted by this kind of music, Kirill took a fancy to this genre and discovered the amazing world of social dancing, adding bachata and salsa tracks to his wide music collection.

Later, performing as a DJ on local Latin dance parties, Kirill Korshikov realized that he wanted not only to play already existing melodies, but to record his own tracks to share his music vision with the audience. So, in June 2020, to make the best out of his free time on COVID-19 quarantine, Kirill took the next step and made his first remix, a reinvention of "Iglesia Rumbera". The remix in the "Trap" genre managed to refresh and give new life to the original melody, released by La Maxima 79 in 2015.

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