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Has Kamal Haasan's daughter Akshara changed her religion?

  • Akshara has publicly claimed that she is an atheist.
  • But lately, rumours began to fly that the youngest daughter of Kamal Haasan has converted to Buddhism.
  • Interestingly, the father-daughter duo addressed the rumours via 'chat' on Twitter 
Kamal Haasan daughter Akshara changed her religion

Has Akshara Haasan converted to Buddhism? The internet seemed convinced that she had, thanks to all the rumours floating about. Perhaps even more interestingly, apparently her father - Kamal Hassan - and she needed to have a 'heart to heart' chat on Twitter to address the rumours. 

Akshara, who is the second daughter of famous actor Kamal Haasan, earlier had stated that she was an atheist. However, recently she expressed closeness to the tenants of Buddhism. The actress said that she felt drawn towards the teachings and principles of Buddha.

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This immediately drew rumours that she had converted to Buddhism. Strangely, her father decided to take to Twitter to address these rumours. 

Here is his tweet - 

"Hi. Akshu. Have you changed your religeon? Love you, even if you have. Love unlike religeon is unconditional. Enjoy life. Love- Your Bapu (sic)."

To which she replied - 

"Hi bapuji. No, still an atheist. Although i agree with budhism as it is a way of life and in an individuals way of life. Love from your daughter akshu (sic)."

So much for those rumours. 

At the press conference held in Chennai, Akshara opened-up about her initial days as assistant director in Mumbai and how she's grew an interest in acting, like her elder sister Shruti Hassan. "As my father, mother and sister are totally into films, I would love to make a movie with all of them. But, only after I prove myself as a talented filmmaker," she added.

When the actress was asked about her father's political interests and whether he would join politics, she answered, 'it's up to him, and I will not make any comment on it.'

Akshara made her onscreen debut with Bollywood film Shamitabh, which bombed on Box-office. Later, she was seen in another Hindi film Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana with Vivaan Shah that also flopped.

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