Actors Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn and Varun Dhawan appealed to people who have recovered from coronavirus to donate blood to help those in critical condition.

The local municipal body, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that recovered COVID-19 patients have antibodies that can protect against the virus.

"They can now donate their blood and plasma four weeks after recovery or post negative swab tests & contribute in the fight," BMC tweeted.

Taking to Twitter, Ajay wrote, "If you've recovered from COVID19, you are a Corona warrior. We need an army of such warriors to overcome this invisible enemy. Your blood contains the bullets that can kill the virus. Please donate your blood, so others, especially the serious ones can recover. Sign up now."

Hrithik and Varun shared how city-based Kasturba Hospital is on a "mission" that needs the support of all those who have successfully recovered from the coronavirus.

"If you have surpassed the 14 day quarantine after testing positive, and after the last negative result, your blood contains cells that can kill the virus.

"If you donate your blood others can recover too, especially those who are serious. Please sign up now to donate your blood and save lives," the duo wrote.

As per Union Health Ministry, COVID-19 death toll rose to 543 and number of cases climbed to 17,265 in India on Monday.