Gauahar and Zaid took their Instagram accounts to share their wedding card, and the video reveals their sweet lockdown wali love story. Their wedding hashtag is #GAZAbkahaidin

It opens with an auto ride where their caricature forms appear, from there it starts with when they met, to their phone call sessions to Zaid telling her that she is 'the most beautiful woman in the world' and how did he propose to her and the way he took Gauahar out on a shopping cart hinting their heartbeats for good food.


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The card says, "What started as a lockdown ritual turned into love at first beep. Quarantine drives and parking garages is what date nights looked like. No matter the distance, we always found ourselves closer together. And when all words failed, he sealed the deal with a song. We can't wait to spend the rest of our lives with love, laughter and most importantly good food."

In a Hindustan Times report, Gauahar Khan said, "I was averse to the idea of being with anyone when I met him. Yet, I felt this was something different because I had never met someone like him. When he asked me, it wasn't planned. It was in a flow and after meeting me, in literally over a month, he proposed to me. There were no second thoughts".