The trailer of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming Malayalam film C U Soon was released recently and has been recieving applause for the unique storyline and how it is a film that was shot completely within the four walls. One of the things, the audiences have really been keen to know is how was this film actually brought to life? Well, Director Mahesh Narayan reveals it all. 

Mahesh Narayanan, shares, “Lockdown in the country had started and we were feeling restless at home. Fahadh and I were exchanging emails and just decided to do something experimental. I even remember the title of the mail was called 'Madness'. We met after 2 days at his apartment and started drawing the lines and figured how we can execute this."

After the decision of making the film, the team started working tirelessly to ensure that this film is made and the director further adds, “Trying to figure out how we can accommodate people, how we can shoot because of the lockdown and not jeopardize anyone."

Speaking about the format, Mahesh further adds, “Format  wise the film seemed challenging as there are hardly any screen-based movies made in India. So we all had this apprehension whether to make it as a feature or a short film and how to edit the format. I was so excited about the idea that I took off for two weeks to write the script draft. Given the idea was so crazy and exciting, we got all the actors immediately on board. We finished the shooting the film within 18 days and took few weeks more to edit the film.“

CU Soon is directed and edited by Mahesh Narayanan, featuring cinematography by Sabin Uralikandi. The film is known to be Fahadh’s second collaboration with Mahesh which the audience is looking forward to.

The one of its kind edge of the seat thriller was shot entirely during the lockdown. C U Soon, stars Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran, will premiere globally on Amazon Prime Video on September 1, 2020.