Last few episodes we have seen Jasmin Bhasin clashing with Rakhi Sawant. The two are not ready to back down and enter into a major shouting match!

During the fight, Jasmin duck dumped a mask on Rakhis's head! Rakhi cries out and says that she has been hurt, but it is not clear whether she is. While Jasmin believes that Rakhi’s tearful outburst is just another drama, and Aly asks Jasmin to calm down.

This did not end here as Rakhi continued her howl and claimed that she requires a ‘surgery’ for the same but Jasmin calls all of this a mere 'drama’ and ‘magar mach ke aansu.' Bigg Boss fans have felt that Jasmin Bhasin is stretching the matter and rude to Rakhi. Some have even termed her as mean and arrogant. 

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