Amala is currently busy gearing up for next flick with Aravind Swamy, Bhaskara Oru Rascal. Amala was in a saree as she will be seen in the movie. Along with beauty and simplicity of Amala, even the tattoo was the talk of the town.

It so happened that the film crew even asked her to cover her tattoo with makeup. But it looks like the director Siddique had decided that any attention is good attention and asked Amala to feel comfortable, as she is.

The kind of tattoo Amala wears is known as Mandala tattoo. Here were have tried to understand the meaning of it.

Mandala tattoo design is mostly made of squares and triangles. It is told to be the sign of perfection. That does not necessarily mean the person wearing it is perfect but can be understood as the one striving for perfection.

Mandala in Sanskrit means circle and is considered as a major tool in one’s spiritual journey. Mandala tattoo also means that the person does not want to settle for trivial things in life, but always try to get the most out of life.

Amala has surely bounced back from a difficult phase in her life and looks like the actress will surely not settle for anything lesser than she deserves.