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Actor Yuva Rajkumar and wife Sridevi Byrappa seek divorce amid alleged strain in marriage

Yuva Rajkumar, the grandson of the late Dr Rajkumar, initiates divorce from his wife Sridevi Byrappa after efforts to reconcile fail. Their strained relationship prompts Yuva's decisive action, despite uncertainty over Sridevi's response. The couple's notable absences and family opposition mark the troubled union's trajectory, leading Yuva to pursue divorce amidst his involvement with the Raj Academy.

Actor Yuva Rajkumar and wife Sridevi Byrappa seek divorce amid alleged strain in marriage vkp
First Published Jun 10, 2024, 1:31 PM IST

Yuva Rajkumar, the grandson of the late actor Dr Rajkumar and the son of actor Raghavendra Rajkumar, has initiated divorce proceedings against his wife, Sridevi Byrappa after the couple reportedly endured a rough year in their marriage. The decision comes after the families attempted to reconcile their differences but were unsuccessful. It is revealed that both parties have initiated divorce proceedings. Yuva Rajkumar, the younger son of Raghavendra Rajkumar, married Sridevi Byrappa on May 26, 2019.

The couple's relationship has been strained for quite some time, with efforts from both sides to mend the issues proving futile. Despite attempts by both families to resolve the conflicts, the situation only worsened over time.

Yuvrajkumar has initiated divorce proceedings, but Sridevi Byrappa's response remains undisclosed. Despite their marital issues, both individuals were spotted together during the Yuva Cinema Muhurta event. However, Sridevi was not present during the release of the film Yuva.

It is reported that Yuva Rajkumar took the step to petition for divorce, indicating a definitive move towards ending the marriage. However, Sridevi Byrappa's response to the divorce filing remains uncertain, casting doubts on the future course of action.

While the couple was seen together during the Muhurta ceremony of Yuva's film, there have been noticeable absences, such as Sridevi's absence during the release of Yuva's movie.

Now, there is a rift between the two, and the couple has decided to get an official divorce. The application has been submitted under Section 13(1)(ia) of the Hindu Marriage Act. It is known that Yuvraj has filed the application alleging cruelty against his wife. However, the exact reason for the rift between the two remains unclear.

The union between Yuva Rajkumar and Sridevi Byrappa faced opposition initially, notably from the Raghavendra Rajkumar couple. However, despite the objections, the marriage proceeded with the support of the late Puneet Rajkumar, standing in solidarity with both individuals.

Sridevi Byrappa's absence from the Dodmane family for the past six months has been a point of contention, indicating a significant period of separation between the couple. Yuva Rajkumar, known for his involvement as a patron of the Raj Academy, has decided to move forward with the divorce proceedings.

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