Lok Janshakti Party leader Chirag Paswan has once again accused Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of being involved in corruption scandals.

Clarifying his remarks on Sunday that he will send 'corrupt' CM and his officials for alleged corruption in Kumar's 'Saath Nischay' scheme, Paswan told news agency ANI: "I said that if they are guilty, they will be sent to jail after probe. How can it be possible that CM does not know about large scale scams and corruption? He is involved too. If not, it will be clear in a probe. But people & I believe that he is involved, he is corrupt."

Terming Nitish Kumar as corrupt, anti-youth, and destroying Bihar, Paswan had said that if elected to power he will launch an investigation into the 'corruption' during the former's tenure.

"Why is liquor ban not being reviewed? Is liquor smuggling not going on? Everyone is getting it. Govt and administration are colluding. There is not one minister in Bihar government who does not know about it. If you don't want to review it, it means you yourself are involved," he told ANI.

"Everyone knows where the money is going, the CM has to contest election & do a lot of things. All of this is a matter of investigation. It'll be investigated where was all the money from liquor smuggling, '7 Nischay' scheme & funds from centre going."