Here's why Anant Nag hated fight scenes

opinion | Monday, September 4th, 2017
Shashidhar Chitradurga

Known for being a method actor, Anant Nag has a special place in the Indian film industry. He is one of the wonderful actors from Sandalwood, who has carved a niche for himself even in Hindi movies. In fact, Anant Nag needs no introduction. On the occasion of his birthday, here's an interesting anecdote about his tryst with fighting scenes shared by senior stunt director Thriller Manju.

Thriller Manju


Anant Nag and Pramod Chakravarthi were signed for the 'Shakti-Yukti' movie directed by B Ramamurthy. Both were the protagonists - Anant Nag played a character of a ACP-rank police officer. Usually, Anant Nag doesn't like fight scenes and he has hardly done the fight scenes in his movies. But director Ramamurthy and I were keen that Anant Nag should have a fighting scene in the movie that would become a significant milestone in his film journey.

So, we chose a dilapidated bungalow near the High Grounds police station for the scene. A huge set was built. Anant Nag, who was the ACP in the movie, was required to enter the bungalow with a revolver in his hand. As he enters the dark bungalow, a log hits his hand and the revolver falls. Then he will be surrounded by ten goondas with whom he has to fight.

Anant Sir is allergic to fight scenes but we had hoped to break the record of no fight scenes in his career graph. But we were sceptical about his reaction.

So, as the director explained the scene to Anant Nag, the witty actor that he is replied, "Since i play the role of ACP, I am understood have undergone IPS training. So, I would be a tough cop so it is convincing that I would drop the revolver when a log hits me. I would still hold the gun and I would finish the rowdies with the revolver itself. So, that would complete the fighting scene, right?"

After listening to his explainer, we did not know what to say. The scene which we had thought of shooting in two days, Anant Nag had finished it in just two hours. Our dream of making Anant Sir fight remained a dream itself!

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