'Roja' girl Madhoo is now a happy home-maker

opinion | Tuesday, September 26th, 2017
Shashidhar Chitradurga

There was none like her and even today, she is still identified as 'Roja' girl Madhubala. The immense popularity that came with the movie also made her the much sought-after heroine in Southern language movies. But soon, she bid goodbye to the glamour world. But now after a long hiatus, Madhoo is back with a bang!

Madhoo hails from Mumbai. Not many know that she is a close relative of Bollywood's 'Dream Girl' Hemamalini. Like her aunt, Madhoo too had her launch from the Southern movie industry. Madhoo debuted in 'Ottayal Pattalam', a Malayalam movie. Her second movie was with K Balachander's 'Azhagan'. She changed her name to 'Madhubala' following the suggestion of Balachander. From here, she tasted success in almost every movie, she appeared. This also became her ticket to Bollywood, and she bagged a role opposite Ajay Devgan in 'Phool Aur Kante'. Later, she was also cast in the popular movie 'Roja' of Maniratnam. This movie became a milestone in Madhubala's life. 'Roja' was one movie that was dubbed in almost all languages in the country. After this, Madhubala became busy in the Southern movie industry.

She also acted alongside 'Crazy' Star Ravichandran in 'Annaiah' (1993) which brought her immense popularity. Later, her role in Telugu movie, 'Allari Priyudu' made her the most glamorous heroine of the time. Her other two notable movies of this time were Shankar's 'Gentleman' and Maniratnam's 'Iruvar'. By this time, Madhubala had acted in at least 52 movies. She was at the peak of success. But by 2001, she was seen less in the film circuit.

"I was lucky. Cinema brought me success. But, I was not comfortable with the later developments in the film world. This made me stay away from the cinemas," Madhubala told the author.

But what were the factors that affected Madhubala in the cinema world? "I always keep my family first while choosing any role. It is very important for me. But these days, there is a lot of negativity in the cinema industry. But I am yet to find reasons for it," Madhubala said.

After bidding good bye to cinema world, Madhu married a Gujarat-based businessman Anand Sha. Madhu has two daughters - Ameya (17) and Keya (15) - and she is happy being a hands-on mother. Although she was happy being a home maker, her aunt Hemamalini forced to take up a couple of movie offers. But after that, she remained away from the flashbulbs for almost 11 years.

"I have not decided to stay away from the cinema industry. I have great family support if ever I want to act. If at all there is a good role for me, I will certainly act," Madhubala said.

In 2015, her role in 'Ranna' move was much appreciated. It was her come back cinema, and Madhubala proved that she still has the magic. Later, she acted in 'Nanu Mathu Varalakshmi' movie. Presently, Madhubala is busy with 'Aarambh', a Hindi serial where she appears in a pivotal role.

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