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Evidence suggests coronavirus originated from China’s Wuhan lab: Mike Pompeo

In an interview with Bari Weiss, Pompeo said he believed that it’s come from a lab for “some time” and lays out the evidence.

Evidence suggests coronavirus originated from Chinas Wuhan lab: Mike Pompeo-dnm
Bengaluru, First Published May 19, 2021, 1:58 PM IST
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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on China Tuesday to release evidence that disproves the theory that Covid-19 originated at a lab in Wuhan.

The evidence suggests that the coronavirus originated from the lab in Wuhan city of China, said former US Secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, on Sunday, adding that the risk of bioweapons and bioterror arising from the region is "very real".

In an interview with Bari Weiss, Pompeo said he believed that it’s come from a lab for “some time” and lays out the evidence. (Evidence, he said, that has troubling implications for Dr Fauci.)

Why does this matter?

Because we want to prevent it from happening again, Pompeo tells Weiss.

Virology labs are typically highly regulated and monitored with specific precautions for certain work. If a virus that’s claimed 3.4 million lives escaped from the Wuhan lab — one that former New York Times correspondent Donald McNeil points out was “highly prone to porous leaks” — we should know what went exactly wrong.

Another reason this matters is because it could reveal important things about the nature of the Chinese Communist Party, which disappeared and jailed journalists who dared to report on the virus, silenced heroic whistleblowers, and used the World Health Organization to broadcast its propaganda.

"We worked to get every bit of evidence that we could, we tried to deliver this to the CDC, tried to work with the Chinese. They covered it up terribly," Pompeo said.

He said the combination of circumstantial evidence and China's intense effort to deny any information relating to the lab suggests to him that the virus originated in that lab.

"I haven't seen a shred of evidence to suggest anything to the contrary," Pompeo said.

"The risk that something like this happens again from that laboratory or another Chinese laboratory is very real," Pompeo said. "They [China] are operating and conducting activities that are inconsistent with their capacity to secure those facilities. And the risk of bioweapons and bioterror emanating from this region is very real."

Pompeo also warned that similar scenarios could happen in the future, pointing to the possibility of biological warfare.

In their wide-ranging conversation, Pompeo explained why he thinks China — which seeks nothing less than to “build an empire”— is by far the gravest threat facing the United States and the West. He explains how the CCP is exercising serious influence over higher education, Hollywood, agriculture, the NBA and even local elections. “The Chinese Communist Party is attending city council meetings all across America,” he says.

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