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DeFi Tokens Seeking To Transform The Ecosystem - Polkadot, Quant and Runfy

Decentralized tokens like Polkadot, Quant and Runfy seek to solve some of the potent issues in the ecosystem and also to bring about innovation.

DeFi Tokens Seeking To Transform The Ecosystem - Polkadot, Quant and Runfy-snt
First Published Oct 10, 2022, 5:33 PM IST

The introduction of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) into the cryptocurrency ecosystem has made transactions and exchanges fast, safer and more secure, as it integrates the exclusion of a third party in carrying out transactions. 

DeFi makes use of a technology known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). These DLTs are open ledgers that are made readily available across blockchains for transactions and blockchain activities to be monitored. Therefore, it is safe to say that DeFi encourages transparency. 

The decentralization of finance had been able to bring about financial inclusion as tokens are now able to function in utility and specificity to decentralized applications (dApps). Decentralized tokens like Polkadot, Quant and Runfy seek to solve some of the potent issues in the ecosystem and also to bring about innovation. 

Polkadot is the Crypto Needed To Bridge The Blockchain Gap

Polkadot is a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform that bridges the gap in the blockchain ecosystem. It allows interactions and communication by permitting chains to carry out their transactions safely and securely without the inference of a centralized third party. It is a decentralized protocol that allows developers to create and customize Parachains that act in concordance. 

The DOT Token which is the utility and native currency of the Polkadot Network carries out two main functions within the network. The first function is that it serves as a governance token which; will give holders the benefit of being a part of the decision-making processes of the protocol. Secondly, it is utilized in staking; this is how the network verifies its transactions and issues out new DOT tokens.

Therefore, through staking and active participation in the Network's activities, members of the community that serve different functions can partake in the network's governance and voting process. 

Quant Increases User Accessibility

Quant is a blockchain technology that provides interconnectivity across various distributed ledger platforms by disintegrating the function of the third party in transactions.

Quant as a platform, seeks to erase the problem of limited adoption of the distributed ledger due to the technicality that concerns its maintenance. It also aims to build an interoperable system that connects various blockchains securely and efficiently so that users who are unable to move their data across distributed ledgers will see which is most appropriate for them.

The native Token of the platform is the QNT Token. It is an ERC-20 token that exists on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. QNT is used to grant users access to certain services and applications on the platform. 

Runfy (RUNF) - Adopting Health And Fitness Into The Crypto space

It is no doubt that cryptocurrency has become quite popular as an investment that is an integral part of the establishment and continuation of the metaverse. Runfy, a community-driven cryptocurrency project seeks to add value to the metaverse. It is a platform that encourages individuals to take control of their health and wellness by providing them with opportunities to earn tokens on completion of tasks, be it daily, weekly or even monthly.

The Runfy Universe

The Runfy Universe consists of two components. 

RunfTR- RunfTR is the metaverse that provides fitness trainers and diet consultants. 

RunfShop- In this metaverse, users will be able to assess the products of companies that sell or produce fitness equipment, protein powders and fitness gear.

The RUNF Token

$RUNF is the utility token of the Runfy Universe. It gains support from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and governs and oversees all of the services and activities of the platform. It will be used as a reward incentive and will also function in transactions.

Runfy (RUNF);



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