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An introduction to Axpert by Agile Labs - the most widely used low code software platform

 According to Gartner, a worldwide research and consultancy firm, 75 per cent of businesses will use low code platforms in the near future.

An introduction to Axpert by Agile Labs - the most widely used low code software platform-vpn
Bengaluru, First Published Aug 24, 2021, 5:22 PM IST

The IT industry's subsequent rise is no code, low code platforms. According to Gartner, a worldwide research and consultancy firm, 75 percent of businesses will use low code platforms in the near future. In addition, a survey by No-Code Census in 2020 showed a 4.6X productivity gain over traditional programming.

The 3 W's of No code Low Code

What is No code Low code?

Low-code apps offer the use of pre-built templates, boilerplate code, and a variety of other functional building blocks to reduce the time it takes to develop software. You gain the freedom and flexibility to engage on many other priorities if you deliver new features ahead of schedule. Web and mobile application development is a continuously evolving field that necessitates a constantly changing skillset. Many businesses confront a skills gap in this area since they can't hire developers with modern expertise every time a new talent is launched. Switching to a low-code platform, on the other hand, can assist bridge the skills gap by quickly teaching modern skills to current employees.

Why No code Low code?

If you'd like to work as a software engineer, you should know that software development projects frequently take longer than intended. The key challenge is that the project's requirements and your workload continue to grow as the project progresses. Low-code platforms are a fantastic solution to this problem because they may help you speed up software development and reduce your workload.

Who gains the most?

A low-code application, for example, may be used by a Business Development Manager to assist PASCAL, FORTRAN programmers in transitioning into web programming. Low code No code also allows engineers to keep their core competencies while addressing work in new subject areas. Using that automated platform at work may free them to consider new ideas or more significant technical challenges. As a result, no-code and low-code platforms can increase programmers' and non-programmers' business value. Developers can save time by avoiding repetitive tasks like data entry and reporting.

Agile's Axpert is one such Low Code Platform, allows users to define data structures and build apps. Agile has a US patent for Axpert's concept. Axpert is one of the most extensively used low-code platforms in the market. 

Axpert can boost the software development team's productivity by 50% and handle unlimited transactions, users, and interactions with other software apps. It also offers Customized Software Applications, Standard ERP Modules and Cloud ERP offerings that can be deployed and used in a matter of hours. Axpert is already in use by 40000+ users in 500+ customer locations across 10+ countries.
Axpert applications are constructed by specifying forms, reports, lists, widgets, and scripts to execute challenging tasks. Using the many utilities and tools available in the Axpert development environment, users can create enterprise-class apps on the fly. Axpert apps are accessible as desktop software, web applications for browsers, and mobile apps. With seamless data synchronization, the Axpert application can be deployed to a large number of remote locations.

Agile Cloud is a modern ERP that allows your mobile device to access the whole ERP system. Agile ERP is fast, versatile, proven, and customized, allowing you to maximize profit margins, ensure timely deliveries, and manage resources. In addition, Axpert on-premise deployment options are available to enterprises.

Government and Defense companies, Hospitals, Contract Farming, Banks, Education, Tea, Textile, Supply Chain and Retail Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Trading services have already embraced Axpert.

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