Mumbai: Pavitra and her team have been attacking Paras with misleading and false information and allegations. Paras however clarified and proved his innocence agreed by Pavitra , but seems like Pavitra is on and on shouting “I am hungry for fame” she is on a spree to earn fame over Paras's name which has always been the case, even if that means stooping to the ultimate level of low.

Pavitra in her recent interview called Paras ‘a piece of shit’ to which Paras says “Deframing people, keeping relationships with three men at the same time, using people for money and calls me a piece of shit! Take a piece of advice from me, Why don’t you stick to what suits you the best ‘being erotic'

 When was the last time you promoted your self based on your work and talent, I think never"

Paras also pinpoints, Pavitra's unusual PR strategy that before entering the house she has given interviews about her relationship with Paras more than herself. Her PR strategy seems more Paras centric than her "It is so unusual that the content in her interviews is more about me than her.

What about your work, your passions, likes, dislikes. Why are you hiding your true self? Are you scared that if you show people who you really are, maybe they will hate you, is it? Or to climb the ladder of success, you are using me as your pawn, huh"

Paras also warns Pavitra’s team to stop their nonsense “If her team doesn’t stop with this nonsense, my friends will leak their chats with Pavitra, which screams lust for men and their money. Maybe that will shut their mouth.

Trust me if I do that, her career and her image both never will see the light of the day” further adding “I have said this in the past I will repeat it, if at all I enter the house, I will expose Pavitra and all her dirty lies.”