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Car care tips: 4 tips to use vehicle's air conditioning effectively

It’s summer time and we all know that the longest season in the country is in no hurry to leave. The weather can be even more unforgiving when you step inside the car as the cabin is like a furnace. 

Car care tips: 4 tips to use vehicle's air conditioning effectively gcw
First Published Jun 24, 2024, 4:41 PM IST

It's summertime, and as everyone knows, the nation's longest season isn't about to end. This time of year is typically shown in films as being filled with sun, sand, and the sea, but in reality, it's all about wearing sunscreen and drinking plenty of water. When you walk into the car, the weather might be much more brutal because the interior seems like a furnace.

Control the urge to crank up the air conditioning rather than roll down the windows and let us tell you how to use the air conditioner efficiently. 

1. Do not immediately turn on AC

The first thing we usually do when we enter a car is turn on the air conditioner. To the extent that we turn on the air conditioning before putting on our seat belts. A little patience will go a long way, even when every fibre in our body would be aching for some chilly comfort. Drive the car for a few minutes with the windows down to allow some air to circulate around the radiator. In this manner, the radiator's fan starts slowly and provides the best cooling possible through natural air flow.

2. Recirculation of air

Many of us are more concerned with turning down the air conditioning or speeding up the fan than we are with remembering to press the recirculation button. This just increases the compressor's workload. Turning off the recirculation air option and allowing cooler outside air to enter the cabin is the best course of action.

It will always be warmer inside the cabin, regardless of how hot it is outside. The air conditioning naturally begins to use cool air, which aids in lowering the interior temperature of the automobile. Turn on the recirculation mode as soon as the inside gets colder. This easy procedure contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioner.

3. Roll down windows before turning on AC

Before you step inside the sizzling hot car cabin, open all the doors, windows, the sunroof and if possible, even the boot or the tailgate. This improves the circulation In the cabin while the hot air trapped inside escapes.  Open and close the driver’s door five to eight times which will quickly fan out the hot air inside and let in cool outside air. 

4. Regular servicing of AC

Like the automobile, the air conditioner has to be maintained at least once a year. The air filter has to be cleaned frequently as it becomes dirty in order to guarantee ideal cooling. Since dust isn't circulated within the cabin, an efficient air conditioner guarantees cleaner and healthier air quality. This makes it even more crucial in the winter, when levels of air pollution become unbearable due to the air quality index.

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