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Who is Nayib Bukele? touted as ‘World's coolest dictator’ sweeping El Salvador politics and ending violence

Nayib Bukele, known as the 'Coolest Dictator,' has won big in El Salvador's general elections, shaking up the political scene. His unique style and strong charisma have won hearts, solidifying his power. The nation watches closely as Bukele's unconventional leadership takes center stage, raising questions about El Salvador's future path.

Who is Nayib Bukele? touted as 'World's coolest dictator' sweeping El Salvador politics and ending violence avv
First Published Feb 6, 2024, 3:07 PM IST

Nayib Bukele was declared as the winner of the general elections in El Salvador on Monday. The incumbent leader swept the legislature with an approval rating of 80 percent which makes him one of the most popular leaders around the world. Thousands gathered around the central square of San Salvador to celebrate as soon as the re-election news was out.

The El Salvador President during election campaigns described the polls as a vote to his 5 years in office. The 42-year-old is also touted as the ‘World's coolest dictator’, Nayib Bukele during his election campaign also endorsed the tag. Nayib Bukele has portrayed himself in a youthful image. He is more connected to the youth and uses platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok making him ‘cool’. Apart from these he also wears baseball caps, leather jackets, and sunglasses.

The San Salvador-based leader earned the tag of dictator for various reasons including a brutal crackdown on gang violence. Nayib Bukele began taking center stage in El Salvador politics after promising to fight against crime, corruption, and inequality. Nayib Bukele has deployed the military to target more than 75,000 gang members involved in spreading violence in the country.

The opposition parties accuse the President of undermining the democratic aspects of government. Nayib Bukele called out independent journalists, and civil society groups and termed them liars and defenders of criminality. He also facilitated action against public officials and opposition leaders over corruption.

Nayib Bukele is also said to have allegedly threatened and harassed journalists, activists, and diplomats who showed resentment against him. The 42-year-old also made changes in the judicial system by replacing judges unanimously. The United Nations, United States, and Europe with various other democratic institutions have warned the El Salvador President to respect the rule of law. The leader in turn hit out at foreign governments calling them hypocrites and trying to interfere.

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