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Vladimir Putin's hand turns purple, seen shaking during meet amid health rumours: Report

Vladimir Putin's health has been in renewed focus since Russia's attacked Ukraine. A US intelligence report said he may be suffering from cancer. Russian President Vladimir Putin's hand turned purple during a meeting with a Cuban leader and he also looked bloated and pallid, a report said, triggering health rumours.

Vladimir Putin hand turns purple seen shaking during meet amid health rumours Report gcw
First Published Nov 26, 2022, 9:40 AM IST

After being spotted gripping to his chair with a purple hand at a meeting with Miguel Diaz-Canel y Bermudez of Cuba a few days ago, Vladimir Putin's health has come back into the spotlight, according to a report. Putin was observed appearing uneasy and firmly grasping a chair during a meeting with the Cuban leader, according to The Mirror.

Alongside the Cuban leader, the Russian leader was said to have hands that seemed to be purple in colour and to be smaller overall. Additionally, it said that Vladimir Putin appeared bloated and pale.

Putin and Miguel Diaz-Canel y Bermudez were seen in a video posted on the Kremlin website giving statements while Russian military guards stood to each side of a bronze statue of Castro. These video frames from the conference, which were included in the Mirror report, revealed that Vladimir Putin was constantly shifting his weight. There are persistent rumours that he is ill, maybe with cancer.

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In spite of US sanctions against both nations, Vladimir Putin and his Cuban counterpart pledged to strengthen their alliance on Tuesday as they inaugurated a memorial to Fidel Castro in a plaza in north Moscow amid health rumours.

Castro's history of resistance was emphasised by Vladimir Putin in a speech, who praised Castro for "selflessly protecting the sovereignty of (his) own nation" and drew comparisons between it and the Western sanctions placed on Russia in response to its military war in Ukraine.

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Pictures of Vladimir Putin's hands earlier this month with strange marks and a black colour caused a stir on social media. Online, it was widely believed to be an intravenous (IV) track mark. 

A US intelligence report from a few months ago claimed that the Russian President could have a "advanced type of cancer." Additionally, the evaluation noted that Putin had escaped an attempted murder in March of this year. Last month, Putin turned 70 while others prayed for his health. The invasion of Ukraine precipitated the most serious conflict with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, posing the greatest risk to the Russian president's ability to maintain power.

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