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'Why is there blood on your hands, papa?' Hamas executes Israeli girl, then 'heartlessly' parades her family

A deeply distressing video from Israel has brought to light the horrifying ordeal of a family held captive by alleged Hamas militants. Shared by journalist India Naftali on X (formerly Twitter), the footage reveals a nightmarish scene where one of the family's young girls is reportedly executed in front of her traumatized siblings.

Shocking viral video: Hamas executes Israeli girl, then 'heartlessly' parades her family
First Published Oct 8, 2023, 5:48 PM IST

A horrifying video has emerged from Israel, showing a family held hostage by alleged Hamas militants. The distressing footage, shared by Israel-based journalist India Naftali on X (formerly Twitter), reveals a nightmarish scenario where one of the girls from the family was reportedly executed in front of her traumatized siblings.

This tragedy unfolded in the wake of a large-scale terror attack orchestrated by Hamas, leading the Israeli embassy in the US to declare that 100 civilians had fallen victim to this harrowing ordeal.

The video lays bare the heart-wrenching scenes of a family consisting of a couple and their young son and daughter, who appear to be minors. The children, struggling to comprehend the horrific situation, pose heart-wrenching questions.

"Why is there blood on your hands, papa?" the son asked, his voice quivering with fear and despair.

The visibly traumatized girl, her world shattered, desperately attempts to make sense of the unspeakable act she has witnessed. "I wanted her to stay alive," she says, referring to her sister, who was ruthlessly executed before their eyes. "My sister is dead," she utters, her words laden with grief and disbelief.

Amid the chaos, the mother, overwhelmed with shock, simply utters, "It didn't happen," as an armed man ominously crosses in front of the camera.

The parents, in an attempt to shield their children from further harm, comfort them and instruct them to lie down on the floor, all while the Hamas militants continue firing from their residence.

An unidentified man, his face obscured from view but an assault weapon slung over his shoulder, makes a brief appearance, adding to the tension of the situation.

India Naftali's X post implores world leaders to intervene, decrying this horrifying act of cruelty perpetrated by Hamas against an innocent Israeli family. The hostages are seen in graphic visuals being forcibly taken, further illustrating the gravity of the situation.

This disturbing event is part of the bloodiest escalation of conflict in decades, characterized by Hamas launching a massive rocket barrage and mounting ground, air, and sea offensives. The Israeli populace found themselves in harrowing circumstances as they attempted to find refuge in shelters, with gunmen relentlessly attempting to breach their sanctuaries.

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