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Russia-Ukraine crisis: 10 latest updates

The UNGA suspended Russia in a 93-24 vote, with 58 countries remaining abstained. 

Russia Ukraine crisis, 10 latest updates
New Delhi, First Published Apr 8, 2022, 11:10 AM IST

In a recent development, the UN General Assembly on Thursday has suspended Russia over the Ukraine war. This marks the second time that the UNGA has taken such drastic action after Libya's suspension in 2011. Ukraine has been pleading with the United States for more weapons to defend itself against the war. Ukraine stated they needed more planes, anti-aircraft systems, tanks, heavy artillery, rockets systems and long-range missiles to target the Russian ships in the Black Sea. Following their withdrawal from the damaged outskirts, the Russian troops have regrouped in the rebel region of Donsak in the east and have increased battle there.  

On Friday, Ukraine's Sumy officials in the northeast stated that the territory was free of Russian troops. As per reports, however, the explosions may still be heard as rescue service workers dispose of ammunition left by the Russian military. As Russia retreats, it has been accused of numerous war crimes. 

Latest updates: 

1) The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) suspended Russia from the Human Rights Council over the vicious killings of civilians. The UNGA suspended Russia in a 93-24 vote, with 58 countries remaining abstained. Russia refused the suspension as 'illegal', while Ukraine welcomed it and stated it was 'grateful'.

2) Russia continues its overnight shelling, focusing on fuel storages sites in and around Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv and Chuguev by cruise missiles shot from ships in the Black sea, as per reports. 

3) Russain failed to overtake Kyiv; now, they are regrouping around the Donbas, Russian-speaking industrial region in eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed rebels have been fighting Ukrainian forces for nearly eight years. 

4) In the north area of the capital, Ukrainian officials assembled proof of Russian atrocities. The officials stated that there are signs that Russian troops killed people indiscriminately before exiting.

5) To isolate Russia, European Union countries decided to ban coal imports from Russia. It was the first time the EU's sanctions were aimed at Moscow's vital energy income.

6) On Thursday, the International Energy Agency stated its member countries are releasing oil of 60 million barrels from their emergency reserves on top of previous US pledges to tackle the soaring energy prices due to the Ukraine conflict.

7) Lloyd Austin, US defence secretary, stated that Russia's Vladimir Putin has given up on conquering Kyiv. At the hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee in Congress, Austin stated that they think Putin has given up on his aim to capture Kyiv and is presently concentrating on the country's south and east.

8) On Ukraine's demand for more arms, Australia stated it would donate 20 Bushmaster armoured combat vehicles.

9) The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that it had acknowledged over 100 attacks on health services in Ukraine and asked for humanitarian access to Mariupol, under siege.

10) Charles Michel, the chief of the European Council, has backed a proposal to release an additional 500 million euros ($540 million) to provide arms for Ukraine. Earlier, the EU has agreed on a 1 billion euro package to offer arms to Kyiv. The funds come from a 5 billion euro European peace fund established by member countries.

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