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2024 predictions by 'new Nostradamus': PM Modi's re-election, Putin's death, cyber attacks & more (WATCH)

Dubbed as 'New Nostradamus', Craig Hamilton-Parker foresees a series of significant events in 2024, ranging from India severing its ties with Russia and the re-election of Narendra Modi as India's Prime Minister to the potential passing of Russian President Vladimir Putin. His predictions extend to a multitude of cyberattacks and natural disasters, offering a glimpse into the potential occurrences of the coming year.

New Nostradamus predictions for 2024: PM Modi's re-election, Putin's death, global cyber attacks & more snt
First Published Dec 24, 2023, 8:38 PM IST

A renowned psychic, referred to as the 'Prophet of Doom,' has revealed a set of predictions for the upcoming year, foreseeing an end of India and Russia's 'friendship', Russia-China alliance, widespread cyber attacks, cure for cancer, earthquakes in US and Italy, and more. Hailing from Southampton, Craig Hamilton-Parker, a 69-year-old spiritual medium, asserts his ability to glimpse into the future. Collaborating with his wife Jane, he has a track record of accurately predicting significant events such as the pandemic, Brexit, Donald Trump's presidency, and even the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a recent release of predictions, Craig, dubbed as 'new Nostradamus', unveiled expectations for the next 12 months in a two-hour YouTube video. Among these forecasts are forecasts of major floods engulfing London and Europe, the emergence of a new pandemic originating in Australia, and the passing of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the start of the clip Craig states, "The predictions here are going to be kind of 2024 probably round to about 2026."

"I think after 2026 we're going to see some very positive things starting to happen in the world, but up until then, I feel it's still a rocky path," he added.

Craig's prognostications weren't entirely pessimistic; he also foresaw a simultaneous rise in spirituality and the discovery of a cure for cancer.

"This is all going to be tied in with artificial intelligence, and I feel that something major is going to be discovered straight away in 2024," he explained. "Many advances in the medical field and care, advances in Alzheimer's as well, which would suit me well because I am getting there," he quipped.

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Here's a look at some of the key predictions made by the new-age Nostradamus:

1. India-Russia ties to end

Craig Hamilton-Parker's predictions touch on a wide range of topics, and one of his visions revolves around India's destiny. He foresees a future where India's borders will expand, making it one of the world's dominant nations. While the exact timeline remains uncertain, this expansion is anticipated to have a profound and positive impact on the world. "In the far future, India will expand its borders and will be one of the dominant countries in thw world with a very positive effect upon the world's future," he said in his YouTube channel.

One striking prediction is India's shift in geopolitical alliances. Historically, India has shared a close friendship with Russia, but according to Hamilton-Parker, this enduring relationship is destined to change. "India will break its ties with Russia. There has been a long-term friendship between India and Russia. With the growing friendship between Russia and China is against India's interests. So, I am seeing India breaking from Russia. It will establish stronger relations with America, with Britain and it will buy its arms away from Russia," he predicted.

He added, "India will come to blows with China and Russia over Pakistan. It is going to start as a political argument. I think there's going to be a great deal of argument in 2024 between India and Pakistan. I can't see a full war happening there but there is going to be major disputes. There's going to be a breaking between India and Russia because of this."

2. Pakistan will eventually merge with India

Amid political tensions between India and Pakistan, a prediction anticipates a substantial flood in Pakistan. Although the timing remains unclear, the vision hints at a massive flood event in the future. In this scenario, India is predicted to extend humanitarian assistance to its neighboring nation. This gesture could potentially serve as a catalyst for improved political relations, creating opportunities for both countries to rebuild trust.

"Coming back to the Pakistan thing, there's going to be a big flood in Pakistan. I've mentioned before in my environmental predictions. I am not quite sure when it's going to be. There's going to be a huge one one day in Pakistan. But I sense it could be one in 2024 and India helps, India offers aid. Although this conflict on a political level, its like something happens where India can almost offer a hand of help," the New Nostradamus predicted.

"Long term, India and Pakistan will become friends again and ultimately I see Pakistan merging with India," he boldly predicted.

3. Ground-breaking Indian innovation

India is foreseen as a center of innovation and advancement, with Hamilton-Parker's predictions suggesting groundbreaking inventions and solutions in the realm of renewable energy, specifically focusing on solar power. The vision indicates that India is poised to venture into new frontiers in energy generation, aiming to diminish its reliance on conventional fossil fuels as the global trend leans towards transitioning away from them.

He predicted, "I see coming out of India too as a new invention or some new sort of way dealing with solar power. An innovation in these areas. A non-dependence on oil. As the world starts to turn back towards oil, I see India beginning to come up with new ways of dealing with it. A new kind of IT discovery. India comes up with a new way of doing it."

4. Modi will be re-elected in 2024

According to the predictions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will persist in guiding the nation and embark on significant endeavors to modernize the government. These initiatives will target the eradication of corruption within government bodies and the police force, fostering a system that is more transparent and accountable.

"I see Modi still in power so he would be re-elected. I see Modi undertake moves to modernise India's government too. It's a big move to strip out corruption in government and police forces," he predicted.

5. Russia-China alliance and Putin's death

Craig who is dubbed the 'new Nostradamus', also predicted a Russia-China alliance. "Back in 2015, I started to say that I saw that Russia and China would form an alliance, and this is beginning to happen. So one of my first predictions is about this Russian and China alliance, which I think is very important at the moment," he said in the video on his YouTube channel.

"I said at the time that the Russian economy would be seen to shrink over the coming years and would do an arms deal with China, and sadly, that's beginning to happen, particularly over the Ukraine war," he added.

Craig also predicted the death of Russian president Vladimir Putin saying he 'hasn't got long'. He added, "I sense his death is imminent, this could be the changing point, this could be what finishes it all. The [Russia-Ukraine war] will drag on after Putin's death but that will be the death knell of the war an agreement might be made once he is gone."

Nevertheless, Hamilton-Parker did mention that the individual assuming the role of Russian president would be 'equally problematic,' specifying his prediction that the successor would be 'a woman.'

6. Trump to be elected as President of USA

Craig Hamilton-Parker's prediction for the November 2024 election foresees challenges and attempts to delay or stop the election, with a perceived crisis surrounding Joe Biden. Despite legal challenges and efforts to alter federal law, he anticipates that these attempts will fail, ultimately resulting in a closely contested victory for Trump, with a significant shift in the black vote seen as a decisive factor in his favor.

"I feel that a black woman will help Trump get back into power. It's the black vote that is ultimately going to swing that little edge," he stated.

Still talking about the US, Craig talks about the potential of Islamic terror attacks, including a hijacking of a plane. "There's going to be terrorist attacks around the world and I feel America is going to get its share as well sadly. In another video I talked about a plane hijack and it could be this happening in America. Not a 9/11 type thing, this is more like something with hostages," he said.

Apart from the election, Craig also predicted possible terror attack in Las Vegas and possible shooting by multiple gunmen in Texas. "It feels like a sporting event, maybe a gun attack on a sporting event in America," he said in the YouTube video.

The new-age Nostradamus also spoke at length about America's economy in 2024, infrastructure woes, society polarization, and more.

7. Elections in UK and divorce of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Craig predicts that Rishik Sunak will 'cease to be the prime minister' of UK in 2024 and he foresees the Tories emerging victorious in the upcoming UK election. "A big swing towards the Labour party, but I feel nonetheless that people don't have the confidence in Keir Starmer, if Labour do win Keir won't stay in power for very long, he will be removed," he said.

"I feel the Tories will just scrape in, even though the polls at the minute say completely the opposite, but I feel there is a lot happening between now and then, a lot of shifts in power, new people coming into play, Nigel Farage maybe in the future," he added.

Craig predicts a rise in tension between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, he clarified, "That relationship will ultimately result in a divorce." Speaking about Meghan, the psychic added, "I feel she's going to be exposed for telling lies, perhaps in secret recordings or something like that."

"Stay away from London," Craig warns. "I see lots of troubles in London." The psychic says this could include terrorist attacks during busy shopping times, such as Christmas.

8. Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and crisis in Middle East

Talking about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas terrorist in Gaza, Craig predicted a continued mass exodus of people from Gaza to Egypt and Jordan. He also predicted the 'systematic destruction' of Gaza from north to south. "Nothing will be usable in Gaza. Gaza is going to be undermined. All the infrastructure, all the sewers will be destroyed. All the major buildings will be destroyed. There will be no water, no sewage, no electricity. It will just be a city of rubble. It will become uninhabitable and that's why people fleeing to Egypt won't come back," Craig said, adding that a 'huge refugee crisis' will emerge out of the war.

"I can't see a Palestinian state. I can't see the formation of a Palestinian state. I see the war escalating, extending into Lebanon, extending into West Bank. I see the crisis escalating into an all-eight war between Israel and the Islamic world. This is the big thing the world has feared. I see it coming," Craig added.

9. Cyber attacks, natural disaster and new pandemic

Craig also forecasted that in 2024, there will be a 'significant' number of cyber attacks occurring globally. "We're going to see spyware, a big spyware release will happen. There's something going to happen that will bring down some banking systems," he said.

Craig claimed that 2024 will witness numerous natural disasters worldwide, including earthquakes in both America and Italy. He stated, "I feel that America is going to get quite a big earthquake, and it'll go all along the west coast and as far as Mexico City. I don't see everything collapsing...but I feel there is a big one coming this year."

He also stated that he envisions 'big floods' sweeping through London and Europe, with a particular impact on Germany. More alarmingly, he added that he anticipates a tsunami striking Australia.

"I see quite a lot of overwhelming flooding coming through Europe and the UK as well. I see another tsunami this time though it's in the Pacific, and I saw the Australian coast affected," he said.

Craig also mentioned a series of events unfolding in Australia in the coming years, including wildfires, floods, an explosion in the Great Barrier Reef, and the emergence of a new pandemic originating in the region.

"Not in 2024 but in the future I see another pandemic rising, out of Australia, this is a bacterial infection of some sort, the world will beat it, it won't be as extreme as Covid. I see fires around Canberra and I saw flooding around Tasmania, apparently this already happened. Someone said to me because I made this prediction a few weeks ago, so maybe that's already happened I don't know," he said.

In 2017, he made a chilling prediction that a flu pandemic would eventually sweep across the world, and by 2020, Covid-19 indeed spread globally.

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10. Elon Musk and future of Artificial Intelligence

In the 2 hour long video, Craig also spoke about the changes that Twitter underwent in 2023 and what 2024 has in store for Elon Musk and the world of Artificial Intelligence. "I am seeing Elon Musk introducing something in a kind of way where it makes Twitter (now X) almost interact with you like a person and suggest posts, suggest people that you might include in your post and suggest ideas to you. It will also come with a heavy caveat saying don't let this change you political views or don't let this sway you," said Craig.

"It's like he uses the dangers of artificial intelligence to warn us about what could be. So, Twitter becomes almost like a scary big brother, but a big brother that's there to try to stop the potential dangers of artificial intelligence. I'm seeing something strange happening with Twitter in 2024," the psychic predicted.

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