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Humans nearing discovery of 'alien ruins', claims ex-US Army pilot who 'spent 92 days on mothership'

A former US Army helicopter pilot asserts that humans will soon discover ancient alien ruins in the universe, following his claim of spending 92 days aboard an alien mothership.

Humans nearing discovery of 'alien ruins', claims ex-US Army pilot who 'spent 92 days on mothership' snt
First Published Feb 5, 2024, 8:23 PM IST

A former US Army helicopter pilot, Alex Collier, has stirred intrigue with his bold claims of spending 92 days aboard an alien mothership and conversing with extraterrestrial beings. According to a report by the UK-based Daily Express, Collier asserts that humanity is on the cusp of discovering ancient alien ruins scattered throughout the universe.

Collier recounted his extraordinary experience, asserting that he 'spoke to two aliens' in the 1980s and was subsequently taken aboard their spacecraft. Collier purportedly interacted with two Andromedians, an alien species that some UFO enthusiasts speculate are ancestors of humans, known as Vissaeus and Moroanay.

During the 1960s, as a child, the veteran recounts a peculiar incident when he drifted off to sleep outside his grandfather’s home while engrossed in a game of hide and seek. Upon awakening, he discovered himself in a dimly lit room within a UFO.

During his purported time on the UFO, he utilized a special belt to communicate with the two aliens. According to his assertion, he spent nearly three months in their company aboard the UFO.

"Our science tells us that there are 100 billion galaxies, but we are only looking at one dimension," he had said in a 2007 interview while recounting his alleged experience of staying with aliens for 92 days.

"According to the Andromedians, there are 100 trillion galaxies and every galaxy has life in it we are far from being alone. The universe is vast... we are just beginning to travel space and we are going to find ruins everywhere," he said.

Collier asserted that the aliens conveyed to him that the US army possessed significantly greater technological advancements than commonly understood by the general public.

 "I once asked the Andromedians how technologically advanced we were, and (they said that) the United States Army is 400 years more technologically advanced than we think they are," he said.

According to Collier, Vissaeus, one of the aliens, purportedly informed him that humans are the sole species in the universe that utilizes money.

"From that moment on, Vissaeus would only refer to money as paper with pictures on it," Collier said.

While Collier's claims may elicit skepticism from some quarters, they undeniably fuel speculation about the mysteries of the cosmos and the possibility of contact with intelligent life beyond our planet.

As humanity continues its quest for understanding the universe and its myriad complexities, narratives like Collier's remind us of the boundless potential for discovery and exploration that lies ahead. Whether his accounts are genuine encounters or products of imagination, they serve as catalysts for contemplating the profound questions that define our existence and our place in the cosmos.

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